Just finished up speaking in front of 400 people at the Canadian Investor Forum in Vancouver!

This was an event put on by Canadian Real Estate Magazine. There were a lot of excellent speakers- its always great to mingle with like minded individuals! Not only that but we through a huge party in our hotel suite which was a lot of fun! Really great to get to know everyone outside of a strictly business setting! That’s how we like to do it!

I will post the video of my 45 minute talk very soon for everyone to see. I have been very busy lately expanding my property portfolio in Phoenix as well as continuing to buy property at the Tax Deed Auctions in Texas. Texas auctions are still the best way to buy US real estate right now in my opinion. Just ask my student from Toronto Galiya who went from 0-20 properties in less then a year purchasing property only at the auctions in Texas!

Look for a lot of new and exciting things coming very soon!

Stephen Preston
CFO Tax Lien Training Inc.