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We want to wish all of our Canadian friends a happy Canada day and all our American friends an early happy 4th of July!!

We are going to do something we have never done before and that is discount our August Tax Deed Tour for you and a guest for AUGUST ONLY. If you sign up right now for the two day August Tax Deed Tour in Houston Texas on August 1st and 2nd your investment for the training will only be $2997 for you and only $1497 for your guest. There is simply no better way to learn how to invest in Texas Tax Deeds then to be out there in the field and learning from our experienced team. This is our way of rewarding action takers.

What you get from the tour:

The moment you reserve your spot on the Tax Deed Tour on our secure website: www.taxlientraining.com/tours you will be sent out our Texas Tax Deed Mastery Home Study Course. This training will show you step by step how we locate the lists of property going to auction, screen and sort them and then do our due diligence to make sure we are only buying good properties. The home study course will give you all the fundamental knowledge you need to be successful.

Next: you and your guest will join us in Texas on August 1st where together as a group we will drive around and view 25-35 properties that are going to a Tax Sale. On the trip we will also discuss auction and bidding strategies and you will get the chance to meet members of our power team. The next day we will attend a live tax deed auction where you will have a chance to bid on the properties you have seen the day before. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know on the tour so you can do this yourself over and over again for the rest of your investing career.

Why do we invest in Texas Tax Deeds? Because 1 of only 2 things can happen almost every single time you invest. Either you acquire property for a fraction of its value (and can rent it out or flip it as you see fit) or the former owner of the property pays you what you paid for the property at the auction + a 25% percent interest penalty within 6 months to get the deed to their property back. (its all there in the Texas Property Tax Code!) This 25% interest penalty is mandated by the state.

If you truly want to learn how to invest in Texas Tax Deeds there is simply no better way then the Tax Deed Tour. Unlike other “gurus” who only write about tax deed investing – we are at the auctions every single month and are investing ourselves. In fact- I just sold one of the properties I bought at a tax deed auction a few days ago. What was my gain? 93.7% in 8 months. No that’s not a typo! I know how incredible that sounds- especially in today’s economy- so when I go down to the July Tax Deed auction with our new group I will be taking video of the property to show you so you can see for yourself! This is not a get rich quick training program but if you work hard you can find deals like this too.

We will also be interviewing a student who since being trained by us last August has purchased 8 properties at Tax Deed Auctions and now does this full time. We will also show you how one student purchased a $4,000 Tax Deed Property and is now receiving offers to sell this property for $25,000 in under 7 months.

If you are on the fence and are hesitant to take action there is no better time then now. August is OUR LAST SCHEDULED TOUR DATE for the next little while. To keep up with demand the price of our training WILL be going up in the fall (fair warning!) so if you have considered joining us but have not yet taken action now is the time.

We are also offering a full 100% no bs refund guarantee. If you join us in Texas on the Tax Deed Tour and are not satisfied for whatever reason after the first day we will refund your money 100% AND give you $250 cash! Why would we do this? We have been doing these tours for over a year now and have not received 1 refund request. We believe in what we teach and therefore have no problem offering this guarantee.

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Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with your questions- we are here to help.

info@TaxLienTraining.com or call us toll free at 888-539-7480

We only have 6 spots so once these are gone THEY ARE GONE!

Have a great long weekend everybody!

Stephen Preston
CFO Tax Lien Training Inc.

PS: Look for our book release “Investing in Tax Liens and Deeds for Canadians” and a 12 page special report on investing in Texas Property in the August issue of Canadian Real Estate Magazine.