I love to read books, don’t get me wrong but absolutely nothing speeds up your learning quicker than actually being in the field and doing what it is you hope to learn.

This is exactly why we offer the Tax Deed Tour. Sure we have a home study course where you’ll learn all the fundamental knowledge you need to sift through a property list, identify the best Tax Deed opportunities and do the proper due diligence steps needed to make a sound investment but until you attend a live tax auction it’s all just theory. One of our recent students sent us this testimonial after joining us for the second time on our Tax Deed Tour which sums up what I’ve just said quite nicely:

I first heard about Tax Lien Investing in Texas from a couple of books I bought, but there is no substitute for real, hands-on, practical experience. Learning all the intricate details of how to do this, and how to make real profits was easy with www.TaxLienTraining.com The guys at TLT don’t just give advice, they are actually investing in tax liens themselves, right alongside newcomers like me.

– Richard P. Toronto, ON

In fact, a lot of our students have purchased expensive Tax Lien and Tax Deed investing courses but never got the push or the proper information they needed to actually TAKE ACTION! Now those courses are sitting on their shelves collecting dust.

By joining us in Texas on the Tax Deed Tour you will effectively cut your learning curve by as much as 90%. There is simply no substitute in our opinion for in the field training. You’ll spend two days with us as we look at 25-35 properties going to a tax sale and then attend the auction the next day where you will have a chance to bid on the properties you like.

The Tax Deed Tour is perfect for someone interested in either becoming a full-time real estate investor or someone who wants to learn a new investment technique to create an additional income stream but this is definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE! If you are looking for a way to get rich overnight or in buying a real estate course that will create cash flow for you by sitting on your shelf than this is not for you, please unsubscribe from this email list!

It takes work and dedication to build a successful real estate company and our goal at TaxLienTraining.com is to provide an excellent learning environment to anyone looking to learn how to invest in Texas Tax Deeds in today’s economy. Once you complete the training you will have knowledge that very few individuals have.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tax Deed Tour click here: http://www.taxlientraining.com/tours

As it stands we have 2 spots remaining for our June trip and 4 spots remaining for the July. As always, the seats will book up quick so if you are interested in joining we recommend you reserve your spot ASAP. Once the spots are reserved, they’re gone.

We look forward to having another excellent group of likeminded individuals join us in the next few weeks. There is no better time than now to be investing in the American real estate market when the Canadian dollar is so high and everything is on sale. This opportunity will not be around forever.

If you have any questions feel free to call us toll free at 888-539-7480 and we would be happy to answer them.

To your success,

The Tax Lien Training Team