If you did you are probably VERY upset right now. Since the company started trading publicly at $38 per share the value plummeted 11% on Monday and another 9% on Tuesday.

To make things worse, there is talk that Morgan Stanley (the bank that handled Facebook’s IPO) did not properly disclose information to the general public regarding Facebook’s less than stellar earnings potential.

Its just more evidence that the stock market is rigged in favour of the big boys and when regular investors come to play they are at the mercy of these big banks and hedge funds.

My advice? It’s a rigged game so don’t play. I left the stock market years ago. Why? Because I like to have control over my investments. The power that comes along with educating yourself on finance and investing cannot be understated.

Most people think that formal education and having a lot of money to start with are the keys to financial success. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have seen immigrants with little in the way of formal education and even littler in the form of money go on to be enormously successful in the real estate investment world.

What was their secret?

Dedication to learning and a refusal to give up.

I truly believe that ANYONE has the power and ability within them to take control and secure their financial future no matter what your current situation and in my opinion real estate is the best way to get to where you want to be.

There are three ways you can make money in real estate:

1. Forced Appreciation
2. Natural Appreciation
3. Cashflow

In the next few emails I will go into more detail on each.

We love to invest in Tax Lien Certificates because we get a state mandated return of 25% in 180 days or we get the underlying real estate. It also does not take a lot of money to get started making it an excellent and secure investment vehicle for those just starting out.

Due to demand we have two “Tax Deed Tours” scheduled in Houston, Texas from July 1st to 3rd and August 5th to 7th. If you are interested in educating yourself and taking your financial future into your own hands email us at info@TaxLienTraining.com or call us at 888-539-7480 and we will send you an information package.

Ciao from Brazil!