We have some exciting news!

One of the most common questions that people ask us is: can we bid on these Tax Deed properties online from home?

The answer: Yes and no.

There are many states that have online auctions, Texas (where we do most of our investing) unfortunately, does not allow online bidding.

This is a little bit of an issue for some of our students who travel wide distances to attend the auctions with us in Texas. For many, it can be tough to get away from work and also the expenses associated with making the trip can add up.

To remedy this we are putting together a “Bid by Proxy” service available only to our members. This one of a kind service will allow our members to comb over a property list, just like they would if they were attending an auction, and advise us of which properties they are interested in. On the course of our tour, we would physically view the properties sending pictures and relevant information on the neighbourhood, property condition etc.

After reviewing this info, the member would then set their maximum bid for the properties that they would like to bid on and one of our support staff members would bid on the properties on the members behalf according to their instructions. This means our members will have access to the best Tax Deed properties from the comfort of their own homes.

The benefits of this service to our members is enormous in terms of cost savings and regular access to the best Tax Deed deals. We will start this service in Houston and expand to other Texas markets (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas etc) by December.

Our goal has always been to provide the best training, services and resources to those interested in investing in Tax Deeds. Our Bid By Proxy system is a shining example of our commitment to our members.

To your success,

The Tax Lien Training Team