Just got back from another Texas Tax Deed auction in Houston! We had a fabulous group of individuals down with us.

I am very excited about a new project my team is working on in Houston. Properties in this specific area cashflow VERY nicely and there is very high rental demand. More on this later!

We are preparing for a free event that we are holding in Calgary on Thursday February 16th called: “How to profit from US real estate NOW”. We will talk about how smart investors are getting their money to work for them in this economy. We will also touch on how you can get started in real estate and building up a cashflowing portfolio using NONE of your own money!

Our team has done over 1,000 deals in markets like: Texas, Florida, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Phoenix!

Here are the details of the event:

Thursday February 16th, from 7-10 PM Holiday Inn
South 4206 Macleod Trail Calgary, AB, T2G 2R7

Space are limited and last time we had to turn people away (seriously!). To reserve your spot go give us a call toll free at 888.601.4566 or email us your name and phone number at: info@usproperty.ca

Have a great weekend!

CFO Tax Lien Training Inc.