Hey Guys:

I just got back from Atlanta, Georgia. I also got the chance to catch up with a truly remarkable real estate investor named Mike Wolfe who is doing big things in Arizona, Nevada and New Orleans. Mike will be joining our group in Houston for the tax sale on July 4th and 5th and then we will be travelling to New Orleans where he will show us the incredible deals he is getting down there. Its amazing how many opportunities there are right now in many different American real estate markets- you just have to know where to look!

Speaking of opportunity I just had one of my students call me and tell me that he just sold a house which he bought at a tax deed auction for 60% more than what he paid for it! Thats what I’m talking about!

There are really big things happening this summer- look for us to restructure the way we do our tours in the near future! Due to demand we will be raising our prices but also hope to add another day or two to the tour so we can show our students other investment opportunities in the Texas market besides the almighty tax deed auctions!

Its late and I have a group to prepare for the tax deed auction this week. The list looks fantastic.

Have a great week!

Stephen Preston
CFO Tax Lien Training Inc.