Hello from my office on Daytona beach, Florida!

It’s a beautiful day here in Daytona beach and I have set-up my “office” (my Ipad2) on the beach so I can get some work done!

Over the last two weeks I have traveled all across the USA looking at some of the different markets and the different opportunities available to us real estate investors.

The journey began with our group in Houston, Texas where we attended a Tax Deed sale (as per usual) and one of our students was able to purchase a condo worth $62,000 for $16,000- not bad! I then bid farewell to our new group of students and headed to Austin to check out the property market there. Austin is a very interesting market- the city is creating jobs like crazy and property values have actually been increasing even through the recession. Austin is home to many large tech companies and also the University of Texas- the largest university in the USA. Rents have increased by an astounding 10% from last year alone and the rental market is very healthy with alot of demand for clean affordable rental units.

From Austin I drove to New Orleans where one of my good friends showed me some of the projects he is working on there. I’m sure you have heard of the destruction to New Orleans by hurricane Katrina. His project is not only profitable but it has a nice philanthropic touch to it as well. He is buying large brick homes that were under 30 feet of water only a few years ago. The interior has been completely torn down to the studs (completely gutted!) by FEMA and the coast guard who actually entered the houses and tore down all the dry wall etc for safety reasons. He is buying these homes for around $30,000, putting around $60,000 of work into them (his team of contractors does INCREDIBLE work by the way) and then selling the properties for around $160,000. The whole process takes about 10 months and investors know they are not only getting a good return on their investment but they are doing a good deed by helping rebuild the neighborhoods most effected by Hurricane Katrina. win/win!

From New Orleans I flew to Phoenix where our team recently acquired four incredible properties in a short sale. The team we have out in Phoenix is incredible and so are the deals! The deals we get in this market are deals that the average investor will never see or have a chance to buy because we scoop them up directly from our contacts at the bank before they hit the mass market. When we sell these properties to investors we make sure that when they purchase them they have instant equity in the deal and we even tell them how much we purchased the property for (we are always win/win!). Most of the deals we get are around $40,000 to $60,000 and already have tenants in place. We give you access to our power team to make things completely turn key for you. When we get our deals we typically sell them in 2 days so be on the lookout when we send out our deals as they get snapped up quick!

Later today I will be sending out one of the properties we just picked up in Phoenix (the other three have already sold). The property is being sold for $59,000 and after expenses cashflows $635/month. Not only that but we have a rent to own tenant in place on a two year lease- completely turn key! If you are interested in having access to our deals just shoot me an email at info@taxlientraining.com and ill make sure that you get sent the deals as they come through our pipeline.

I just arrived in Daytona beach Florida last night were I will be exploring the market here and elsewhere in Florida to locate the best deals. It’s an exciting time to be a real estate investor as there are alot of great cashflowing deals available- you just need to have the right teams in place to take advantage. Remember just because the property is cheap does not mean its a good buy. The numbers have to work and there should be multiple exit strategies in place before you buy.

Anyways, just wanted to give everyone an update. We will be conducting one of our last tax deed tours of the year (where we take students to a live tax deed auction in Houston) in August. You can still join us now if you act fast- just shoot me an email at info@taxlientraining.com with your phone number today and I will be happy to discuss the details with you. It’s been such a pleasure meeting so many great people through our training program. Seeing some of our students who are now investing in Tax Deeds full-time and have expanded there portfolio of properties from 0 to 7 or more properties in a year or less is very encouraging and why we keep doing what we are doing. You can reserve your spot on the tax deed tour here: http://www.taxlientraining.com/tours

I think ill go jump in the ocean!

Cheers from Daytona Beach,

Stephen Preston
CFO Tax Lien Training Inc.