Hey Everyone:

Just got back from an AMAZING Tax Lien Auction in Houston, TX with an excellent group of students from all over North America.

There were over 400+ properties that went to auction!

Our Tax Lien Training students have been killing it at these auctions over the last few years- picking up MILLIONS of dollars worth of property for PENNIES on the dollar.

Texas is BOOMING right now and these auctions are one of my favorite ways to get into this exciting market- especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to start out with!

Also, I have a little surprise for you!

I was able to sneak in a video camera to record some of the action at the auction!

We also took a lot of video of some of the properties that sold at auction (ill make sure to post these when I have a moment).

Check out this short video here to see a live tax deed auction taking place: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOk5OzLs5BM&feature=youtu.be

Talk soon!

Earn, Live, Give

Stephen W. Preston

PS: Our next tax lien tour is taking place in April. Reply to this email if you would like to know how you can join us!