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If you are interested in becoming a full-time real estate investor or want to generate a new income stream than this training is perfect for you whether you have real estate investing experience or none at all. There is simply no better way to learn Tax Deed Investing then to join us in the field and see firsthand how it is done.

What is Tax Deed Investing?

When a homeowner or business becomes significantly late in paying their property taxes the county will auction of their property. The county offers an enormous benefit to investors who step forward and buy these property’s at auction because they need the money to meet their financial and budget obligations to pay for things like schools, firefighter’s salaries, roads and infrastructure etc.

Now, the moment you purchase the property at the auction it is yours for all intents and purposes. You can begin to collect rent on the property, move in yourself or do as you see fit. The former property owner has 180 days to pay you back what you purchased the property for at auction plus a 25% state mandated interest penalty to reclaim the deed to their property. If they fail to deliver payment to you, the investor, within the 180 day window then the property is now 100% yours and you can continue to rent it for cash flow or sell it as you see fit!

Sound too good to be true? It’s all there in the Texas Property Tax Code!

We developed the Tax Deed Tour to give students hands on in the field training because let’s face it: 95% of real estate investment courses are purchased skimmed through and are destined to collect dust on the shelves. By joining us on the tour, you will cut your learning curve for investing in Tax Deed Certificates by 90%. There is simply no substitute for hand on training.

I first heard about Tax Lien Investing in Texas from a couple of books I bought, but there is no substitute for real, hands-on, practical experience. Learning all the intricate details of how to do this, and how to make real profits was easy with www.taxlientraining.com The guys at TLT don’t just give advice, they are actually investing in tax liens themselves, right alongside newcomers like me.
Richard P. PHD Chemistry, Toronto ON


The tour is a 3 day in the field training for people who want to learn how to invest securely in government issued tax lien certificates. We take 8 students (maximum) from all over the globe down to Houston, Texas to spend three days with us where together we will:

Spend day one in a classroom setting going over important information regarding how to invest in tax liens and deeds. You will also meet our power team of realtors, contractors, property managers etc.

On the second day of the tour we will drive around in a van and physically view 25-35 going to the tax auction. We will discuss how to do your due diligence on these properties, how to determine their market value, rent etc.

On day three of the Tax Deed Tour we will attend a real tax sale auction together where you will have the opportunity to bid on the properties you have seen the previous day.

We will be with you step by step over the course of the three day tour. By the end of the tour you will have no doubt as to how to invest in tax sale properties.


This training is definitely not for everyone. It takes a certain level of dedication and work ethic to succeed in real estate investing so if you are a negative person PLEASE DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE. We do not want to waste your time or ours.

Tax Deed Investing appeals to a wide variety of investors because there are so many different options and strategies. You can buy properties for as little as 10 cents on the dollar with the goal of quickly flipping them, you can cash flow the properties or you can target Tax Deeds that have the highest likelihood of redemption: meaning you could get a government mandated return on your investment of 25% in six months or less.

Our students have had great success on the tour; having bought houses for $15,000, condos for $4,000 and residential lots for a few thousand dollars. Here is what one of our students who since taking our training has become a full-time tax deed investor had to say:

Between August and September 2010, I purchased three tax lien certificates. I was very excited to have purchased them at only approximately 10% market value! After six months had passed and I received the deeds on all three properties, I was genuinely blown away! I’m currently selling all three properties for almost 10 times what I paid for them – I see great opportunities in this business and am looking to continuously invest in tax liens. – Sergey M. Toronto, ON

On our tour you will learn:
• How to Generate 50% returns safely and consistently each year with the Texas government
• How to buy cash flowing properties for pennies on the dollar
• How to perform proper due diligence before purchasing any certificates
• How to avoid the pitfalls rookie investors make that will wipe out your tax lien business
• Auction and bidding strategies to ensure you win big
• Exit strategies for your investment

And a TON more…

Once you have attended our Tax Deed Tour you will have the knowledge, strategy and confidence to build wealth with Tax Deed Investing for the rest of your life.
hank you for a wonderful experience, your knowledge and enthusiasm. We bought a property on the tax lien tour and the most important thing is that we were able to apply the knowledge you taught us to real life experience.
Irena, Realtor Vancouver B.C

Our Home study Course is Included

The moment you reserve your spot on the Tax Deed Tour using the links below you will be sent our home study course where you will learn the fundamentals of Texas Tax Deed Investing. In the course we talk about:

The Property Lists

How to find them, what they mean and how to sift through them to find the gems.

How to Best Structure your Tax Deed Business

We cover how to best structure your Tax Deed Investment business to minimize your taxes and maximize your returns whether you’re American, Canadian, Australian or anything in between.

Access to our Power Team

One of the best parts about joining us on our tour is that you’ll have access to our power team of lawyers, accountants, realtors, property managers etc. This is a team that has taken us years to build!

The tour is held in Houston because of its recession proof economy which is doing well despite all the negative news you hear on the American economy (for more on this please see our resources section). Also, Texas has one of the most favorable Tax Sales System (it as a hybrid lien/deed state) with one of the highest interest penalties (25%) and the shortest redemption time (6 months).

Tax Deed Investing is simple; not easy. By attending the tour you will effectively cut your learning curve in Tax Deed investing by 90% saving you money and time. Is the cost of the tour worth learning how to generate 50% returns a year for the rest of your life and cutting your learning curve by 90%? Only you can decide.

Tax Lien Tour founder, Stephen, has the knowledge, experience, and passion to help anyone wanting to invest and profit from the US real estate market. I spent a weekend watching and learning how he selects, filters, and then bids on Houston property. After a weekend working with me to teach me his knowledge and strategies, I came away with complete confidence in his integrity and skills. My husband and I look forward to a mutually profitable business partnership, as well as a long term friendship with. He is the real deal!
Leta R. Oregon, CA

What you get on the Tax Lien Tour:
• Three days of hands on training including attending a tax lien auction
• Assistance setting up and structuring your Tax Lien Investing business to maximize returns and minimize taxes (this is worth THOUSANDS)
• Access to our power team (CPA’s, Realtors, Property Managers etc)
• A reference binder containing all the advanced strategies you will learn on the tour

And more…

We cover EVERYTHING on the Tax Lien Tour: how to perform due diligence, conduct research, advanced strategies, how to quickly sell the property once you get it, insurance needs for the property etc. No stone is left unturned.
The cost of the tour is $4997 per person.


We GUARNTEE you will be 100% satisfied with the training you will be getting or we will give you a 110% refund if not satisfied after the first day of the tour.

Here is your chance to start 2012 off with a bang!


The Tax Lien Training Team