Latest Testemonial from one of our students that just bought a home at auction:

I’m very happy.

I remembered when you said that you have butterfly in your stomach when the bid start…! what a feeling! Maximum Adrenaline!

I bought a very nice house in Humble region Houston, nice neighbourhood, I paid 25 000$ for a market value 57 000$ average. Tenants are already in, the house is very clean, landscape amazing. I attached pictures.

Wow! What a team.

Seriously, I’m very impress by what you taught me! The quality of you network contact in Houston.

I did exactly what you taught me, tax lien with Richard, physical visit…..

I don’t have vacation for the rest of the year, I’ll try to go again in January.

I’ll keep you inform for my next buy….

Thanks again, I owe you (you and Mike) a lot, it was my first real estate seminar in my life, and I don’t regret.