We love when our students call us with success stories!

I just got off the phone with one of our students who came down on our two day tour in August 2010 and he was gushing with excitement. He could not believe that everything worked out like it was suppose to! On that trip he was able to purchase three properties for under $25,000 and not one of them redeemed (which was what he wanted). He now owns three properties including a house which he got for $4000. He is now using our power team to sell that property for 6x what he got it for at auction.

Not bad!

We will be holding another webinar shortly where we will be inviting this student to talk about the success he has had on our tour purchasing Tax Deeds. This is a gentlemen that was on unemployment not too long ago and is now a full-time tax deed investor. In fact, he has joined us on our tour 3 times now since August; picking up cheap property as he goes!

All it takes is determination and belief. Educate yourself and most importantly TAKE ACTION and your life can change instantly for the better. Mine did, and so did his.

We have surrounded ourselves with great people and are starting to get noticed. Our March tour has been completely booked for a while now with enthusiastic students and we expect April to book up quickly as well. These are people that recognize opportunity and are action takers.

On a separate note, I just got asked to speak about Tax Liens and Deeds in front of 500 people at a real estate event in Toronto. Will I accept? I don’t know, I’m not one to get up in front of large crowds. I prefer to work with small groups.

Anyways, have a great weekend!