Join us on the one of a kind Texas Tax Lien Tour, meet our team and spend 3 days in the field with 2 experienced tax lien investors that will hold nothing back!

*** Special 2013 Investment ***

If you are on the fence about investing in yourself via a real estate course I want to make it as easy on you as possible. Our next hands on tax lien tour is February 3rd, 4th and 5th in Houston Texas. We expect MASSIVE inventory at the auction- even better that then usual 200-300 properties going to auction. Why? Because the county has cancelled the January auction because it falls on new years day. In the 4 years I have been doing this I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS HAPPEN. 

And for the last time EVER we are discounting the tour price by $2,000!

If you are interested in becoming a full-time real estate investor or want to generate a new income stream than this training is perfect for
you whether you have real estate investing experience or none at all. There is simply no better way to learn Tax Deed Investing then to join
us in the field and see firsthand how it is done.

What is Tax Deed Investing?

When a homeowner or business becomes significantly late in paying their property taxes the county will auction of their property. The county
offers an enormous benefit to investors who step forward and buy these property’s at auction because they need the money to meet their financial and budget obligations to pay for things like schools, firefighter’s salaries, roads and infrastructure etc.

Now, the moment you purchase the property at the auction it is yours for all intents and purposes. You can begin to collect rent on the
property, move in yourself or do as you see fit. The former property owner has 180 days to pay you back what you purchased the property for
at auction plus a 25% state mandated interest penalty to reclaim the deed to their property. If they fail to deliver payment to you, the
investor, within the 180 day window then the property is now 100% yours and you can continue to rent it for cash flow or sell it as you see

Sound too good to be true? It’s all there in the Texas Property Tax Code!

We developed the Tax Deed Tour to give students hands on in the field training because let’s face it: 95% of real estate investment courses
are purchased skimmed through and are destined to collect dust on the shelves. By joining us on the tour, you will cut your learning curve
for investing in Tax Deed Certificates by 90%. There is simply no substitute for hand on training and having a team of experienced professionals ready to work with you to explode your business.

We have taught students from all over the world how to build a profitable tax lien business including one student who went from 0-20 properties in less than a year using our system. We have purchased condos for $5,000 and houses for around $10,000 and we expect the next February Auction to be full of excellent property!

There are 7 spots remaining and once the next tour fills up prices will never be discounted again.

Watch this FREE video which explains the Tax Lien Tour:

See you in Texas!

The Tax Lien Training Team