When you watch American news there is little optimism about the state of the economy with so much talk about foreclosures, no new job creation and a slumping stock market. This is CNN or as we like to call it “Constant Negative News”.

But did you know there are places in the USA that are doing quite well despite all the negative news you hear?

Take the state of Texas for example.

More than 50% of all new jobs that are being created in the USA right now are being created in Texas! The state of Texas has created 1.2 million NEW JOBS in the last 5 years alone. If Texas were a country it would be the 12th largest economy in the world ahead of Russia, India and Mexico.

This is a very pro-business and pro-investor state which is home to more fortune 500 companies then any other state in the USA.

Texas also has the largest population growth rate of any state and four of its cities; San Antonio, Houston, Fortworth and Austin are all in the top 10 of Americas fastest growing cities.

A booming economy, job creation and a rising population are all economic indiciators that appeal to us as real estate investors and this is why we will be buying as much real estate as we can in Texas for the next 5 years.

International investors from China and Australia are starting to take notice of the stable real estate market with lots of growth and the availability of excellent cashflowing deals. In markets like Austin for example real estate is appreciating fast.

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Lets make this a great summer!

The Tax Lien Training Team