If there is one thing I am good at doing its spotting trends.

Want an example?

Since first investing in real estate in the North East of Brazil 5 years ago property values have exploded by over 400%.

400% returns in 5 years? Not bad!

This enormous growth in Brazil has also made things too expensive and the rewards no longer outweigh the risks in most projects in Brazil (there are still some worth investing in. Matter of fact I am here in Brazil right now touring a number of large developments looking for further opportunities).

So where is the next hotspot? Where is the next best emerging market in which to generate reliable returns? It’s a place where I am launching a 7 figure investment fund to snap up as much property as I can over the next 5-10 years. Is it Florida? Mexico? Phoenix?

The answer may surpise you… it’s Texas.

When I started to look at where I wanted to invest in the USA I first began to look at the economic fundamentals behind some of the most popular states (Arizona, Florida, Las Vegas etc). To be honest, I didn’t really like what I was seeing until one day a colleague of mine told me some fascinating facts about the Texas Economy.

Being Canadian, I never really considered Texas as a “hot real estate market” and it was never really on my radar. Just thinking of Texas I could only conjure up pictures of cows, cowboys and of course football.

Boy was I wrong!

I decided to dig a bit deeper and was fascinated by what I saw. I watched some excellent videos created by Dave Winans on the Texas economy.

Now I was really impressed!

I never buy property “just because it’s cheap” that is a losers strategy to investing in real estate. What excites me about investing is taking a step back, looking at a market and determining whether it’s on the decline, has stabilized or is on an upswing. After reviewing the facts it became very clear to me that Texas was on an upswing and would be for some time to come.

Armed with a lot of information I decided to take a flight down to Houston, Texas to check things out first hand. When I arrived in Houston I was absolutely blown away by the quality of their infrastructure. The roads were in terrific shape and there were overpasses upon overpasses- something we can never seem to get done in Canada! I had just been to California the week before and was startled to see the condition of some of the roads in Los Angeles (a state that is almost broke).

The downtown skyline was also quite remarkable. Visiting some excellent restaurants I couldn’t believe how full they all seemed to be. I also noticed A LOT of businesses with “now hiring signs” and there was a decent amount of new construction around the city as well. All in all I came away from my Houston trip very intrigued and eager to begin seriously identifying investment strategies that would work in this market.

Did you know that Texas is creating more than 50% of all new jobs in the USA?

Did you know that the population is set to increase by 14 million by 2030?

Did you know that the Chinese are investing in Multiple projects in Texas?

I can go on and one but a video much better describes why Texas is THE place to be over the next 5-10 years.

Here is a link to watch these excellent videos created by David Winans: http://www.taxlientraining.com/resources

If you are interested in joining us in Texas to learn the best ways to invest in this market or are interested in investing with us respond to this email and we would be happy to set-up a time to talk with you!

To your success,

Stephen Preston
The Tax Lien Training Team