I am going to be very blunt.

Wealth never follows those who are not willing to take advantage of opportunity.

I was at the forefront of the Brazilian Real Estate market over 5 years ago and told investors of the huge opportunity in that country.

The result? Those who listened were part of a real estate market that has appreciated over 400%, those who didn’t listen were not.

When the US housing market crashed I was buying distressed US real estate all over the US. We were buying houses for around $50,000 that are now worth around $120,000. As a result, a lot of our investors and students made a killing. Those who worried about the economy and did not take action watched the opportunity pass them by.

Alert: I am going to share with you where and how I am investing my own and my clients money RIGHT NOW.

I believe that the opportunities in this market rival those of any that I have just mentioned.

The market I am talking about is Texas and the method through which we are investing is through Tax Lien Auctions, Distressed SIngle Family and Apartment Buildings.

Given the economic fundamentals of the Texas economy, the job growth and the enormous population boom that the state is experiencing; this is a market I will be investing in as much as I can.

Texas is a pro landlord, pro business state catered towards investors. I call Texas my Business Playground. The returns that are available in this market and the deals that can be had right now are astounding.

Less then a month ago CNN released an article of its top 10 booming cities in the USA. It was no surprise to us that the 4 major cities in Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston were amongst the list.

Thats right…. a top 10 list of booming US cities was dominated by one state…. Texas.

In the next few emails I am going to be sharing with you the best ways you can get involved in the Texas real estate game RIGHT NOW. The forthcoming emails will be called “Opportunity #1- Tax Liens, Opportunity #2- Distressed Real Estate and Opportunity #3 Apartment Buildings so be on the lookout for the first of these emails starting next week.

Until then, check out our new website that we just launched: http://cashflowtexas.com

This website will show you some of the deals we have done in Texas so you can get a good idea of some of the amazing deals that are available.

Don’t let opportunity pass you by…. Make sure to take advantage of the Texas Real Estate Investment

Earn, Live, Give

Stephen W. Preston
Author of “How to Invest in Tax Liens for Canadians”