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If you know anything about me you know that Texas is by far my favourite place to invest in Tax Liens.


Because not only is the economy strong but also the incentive the state gives to tax lien investors is enormous! Really only two things can happen every time you invest in a tax lien in Texas:

1. The former owner has 6 months to pay you back what you bought the property for at auction + 25% interest penalty


2. If they fail to pay you the purchase price and 25% interest penalty within 6 months then you can sell the house, rent it out etc.

Not bad!

Also, you can collect rent the moment you get the property at auction meaning most of the properties we get at auction in Texas cash flow from day one.

So, what are some of the other states that are very lucrative for Tax Lien Investors?

Here are my other favourite states:


Florida Tax Liens can be purchased online and can yield up to 18% interest per year. The banks are very active participants at the auctions in Florida.


The returns in Georgia are 20% per year to the investor if this is not paid after year 1 the investor obtains the underlying property.


Investors receive up to 18% every 6 months for their tax lien investments (36% per year!)

Not bad!!

Ill have more details about each of these states shortly.

I am headed to Dallas on Friday to look at an apartment building that we may be purchasing for our investment fund Twinstar Capital. Its an INCREDIBLE deal- ill be sure to send you guys some video later this week.

Then I am off the do a tax lien tour in Texas with a group of excellent students. The property list for this upcoming auction in February looks GREAT. Can’t wait!

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Stephen W. Preston

PS: Our next Tax Lien Tour is April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you would like more info, respond to this email.