Just checking in!

You haven’t heard from me lately because we have been busy doing deals! Unlike a lot of the “gurus” out there who make most of their money teaching we have been buying around 10 single family properties a month in Texas!

A few months ago we sent out a video when we picked up an excellent distressed property in Baytown, TX.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:


We have an update on this property- we recently sold it for our targeted ARV (after repair value) of $105,000!

The returns for our investor was: 30.4%!

Interested in learning how to build a profitable real estate portfolio using little to none of your own money? We will show you how.

It’s a great time to be flipping real estate!

Stay tuned for more- we have some very exciting info coming shortly.

Have a great week,

Stephen W. Preston

PS: After much demand, we are planning out our next Tax Lien Tour sometime soon! Details will be coming shortly. If you are interested in learning how to buy property at auction in one of the hottest real estate markets, respond to this email and we will send you details!