“Using Stephen’s system I want from 0-20 properties in 1 year” – Galiya M. Toronto, ON

Are you sick of hearing about how everyone makes boatloads of cash while sipping margaritas on the beach, while you struggle with holding down a full-time job, running your kids to soccer and dance classes, making sure you have money put away for savings AND burn the midnight oil trying to start a real estate investing career?

I’d like to introduce you to this amazing system that anyone can learn and use no matter what your background or income level is to become a successful Real Estate Investor.

Imagine… a Step by Step System that Showed You Exactly How to Consistently Make Government Guaranteed Returns of 25% or More (in 6 months or less) and Best Case Scenario-You Own the Property for Pennies on the Dollar FREE and CLEAR!

If it all seems out of reach and you are sick and tired of all the hype in regards to making money in real estate (maybe you have taken other courses with little to no success) than I can relate!

There was a time when all of my credit cards and lines of credits were maxed out and I was forced to work two jobs WHICH I HATED just to get by. I would wake up at 3:00 am EVERY MORNING 7 days a week to deliver newspapers in the cold Canadian winter (not fun!).

After delivering newspapers until 7 am I would carry on to my next job where I would do yard work and shovel snow until 9pm at night. I had no freedom and no hope and needed to find a way to change my life FAST.

My names Stephen Preston and I’d like to tell you about an investment strategy that completely changed everything for me. That investment vehicle is Government issued tax lien certificates.

Because of tax liens and real estate investing I was able to quit both jobs and create my own companies- In fact I just launched a multi-million dollar investment fund which will be utilizing the investment strategies I am going to teach you.

I now have the freedom to travel to exotic locations 3-4 times a year and LOVE what I am doing. I taught some of the biggest names in real estate how they can invest in Tax Liens and am regularily interviewed by Canadian Wealth Magazine and considered the foremost authority when it comes to Tax Lien Investing. (see the latest issue of Canadian wealth magazine where I am extensively interviewed about Texas and Texas Tax Deed investing).

I have had the pleasure of teaching people from all over the world how they to can start killing it in real estate. One of the reasons why I still do these tours is because of the high quality of people we tend to attract. In fact, one of my students (Adam Zanoni) has since gone on to become a partner and CFO of my investment fund!

But this isn’t about me- its about you.

This has been one of the worst economic downturns in history, and along with many other tragic consequences, the real estate market has been a victim of the collapse. Historically, this type of economic upheaval also creates an opportunity for huge wealth transfer for those brave enough to gain the knowledge to take advantage of it.

Along with the record number of foreclosures across the country, another one of the other consequences of having the real estate bubble burst was that many homeowners could not afford to pay their property taxes.

The very profitable investment opportunity that is created by this scenario is actually a win-win situation for everyone. The county gets their tax money and the homeowner is given an extension to come up with the money to redeem their property. Best of all you, the investor, gets great returns for investing in this opportunity.

By investing in tax liens, you can potentially own a property for literally pennies on the dollar. As the property owner, you can sell the property for huge profits. At the very least, the worst case scenario is that you would get 25% interest in 6 months, guaranteed by the government.

Join us on the Tax Lien Tour for Hands on Learning!

There is simply no better way to learn how to invest than to join us in the field!

This is a very comprehensive course taught in the field by two very experienced real estate investors. There are some courses out there that will just give you a workbook, but there is no substitute for hands on instruction.

The course takes place in Houston, Texas over 3 days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


DAY 1: Classroom Day – The must-have strategies and due diligence steps that you need to avoid making costly mistakes at the auction. This intensive day of preparation will make you auction-ready.You will also meet our team (property managers etc.)
DAY 2: The Treasure Hunt – A driving tour around Houston where you will view the actual properties that you will be bidding on. Hint – Many investors actually skip this step!
DAY 3: Auction Day! – Attend a live auction and learn how to bid. In Houston, there are 8 auctions going on simultaneously. If you don’t know what your doing, it can be very confusing.