A star is born!

Well actually two…. Introducing: Twinstar Capital Management

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to run a hedge fund that can capitalize on the enormous opportunities available in this economy and in less than 90 days that dream will become a reality.

Twinstar was formed to invest in Tax Liens and Deeds as well as undervalued single family and multifamily (apartment buildings) in markets like: Texas, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and Arizona.

The fund will also fulfill another huge need in the market today- We will finance investors purchasing of investment property in the USA!

We are VERY excited about how big this fund will become and are dedicated to delivering solid, reliable and secure returns to our investors for many years to come. We have built an excellent team to work full-time on the fund with some of the most successful investors in the industry.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, first of all Twinstar will be RRSP eligible. Let’s face it, if you are Canadian you more than likely have RRSP money that is either:

a) Losing money
b) Not getting good returns (are your returns even beating inflation?)

What if you could use your RRSP money to invest in undervalued cash flowing property in the USA? To heck with the banks (they are making a TON of money) it’s time for the rest of us to cash in on our RRSP’s!

Second of all, we will be financing Americans and Canadians who cannot get financing from the banks so that they can purchase investment property in the USA. Wouldn’t it be great if rather than having to pay all cash for a property you would only have to put 25% down and pay a reasonable interest only loan?

You will be hearing A LOT more about Twinstar in the news and in the media. We know that the potential of this company is HUGE.

Right now we are offering our private network (not the public) a 12% return in 4-6 months to those who want to participate in the start-up of the fund. If you are interested in Twinstar or would like more information simply shoot an email to: info@Twinstar.ca and we will send you out an information package.

RRSP’s don’t have to suck!

Stephen Preston
Twinstar Capital Management

PS: We are conducting a Texas Tax Deed tour in August on the 5th, 6th and 7th. If you want to learn in the field how to invest just like our hedge fund will be doing than contact us at: info@TaxLienTraining.com as of right now we only have 4 spots left!

Thanks Stephen and Tax Lien Training for an opportunity to buy Real Estate in Houston. I flew down to Houston in May 2012 and next month I bought a house for $13000 (worth HCAD $38000) on June Auction in Texas remotely from Canada using bid by proxy service. Looking forward to continue work with you. – Konstantin Kuglin, Calgary AB