We just got back from our April Tax Deed Tour and I just want to say what an excellent and highly educated group we had down! Our group consisted of two PHD’s, a chartered accountant, some entreprenuers and a Canadian government employee.

The reason I love doing the tours so much is because of the quality of people we tend to attract. We do not get people looking for “get rich quick overnight” training; our students are too intelligent to believe in that. The people we attract are hardworking, intelligent individuals looking to either make a career shift to full-time real estate investing or are interested in creating an extra income stream.

These students now have thorough training in how to invest in Texas Tax Deeds and have knowledge that probably less than 200 Canadians (and not too many Americans) possess. Most importantly, they have developed relationships among one another that will benefit them long into the future.

Our goal at Tax Lien Training is to build a group of like minded individuals who all share the goal of profiting from the downturn in American real estate. By working together as a group we will all achieve more.