Its late sunday night and we have gathered with our students here in Texas. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us as we will go out and look at 30-40 properties that will be going to a tax deed auction. Our students will have a chance to bid on the property above which has a market value of over $225,000 and an opening bid of just $5,974.59! This property is just one of the many great opportunities available at tax deed auctions.

One thing about Tax Lien and Deed investing is that it’s fun! When we go out and view our properties we are like treasure hunters searching for gold (property!) it really is fun and exciting. Its one of the reasons why I fell in love with this business; its never dull and you never know what your gonna see when your out and about viewing properties. This aspect of fun brings up an important point; if your not having any fun doing what your doing you should consider making a change. Life is too short to be stuck in some dead end unrewarding job. Trust me i’ve been there. Tax Lien Investing allowed me to quit two jobs that I hated and I now do what I love full-time which is travel, start businesses and invest in real estate.

Wow did this post get off topic!

I better get some sleep, we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow!