You havent’t heard from me in a little while and thats because I have been very very busy.

For the last year and a half I have been working very hard to develop what we call our “bid by proxy service” for our members (and for my own personal use!). This one of a kind service will allow our students the ability to bid on Texas Tax Deeds from the comfort of their own homes! This solves three enormous issues for us:

1) Counties in Texas do not offer the ability to bid on properties online. You or a representative must always be present at auction to bid on a property.

2) For those of us living a fair distance away from Texas, the travel costs can add up when attending the auctions.

3) Because every one of the 254 counties always holds there auctions on the first tuesday of the month it was impossible to be in two places (and thus two auctions) at once.

Now all of these problems are solved!

The bid by proxy service will allow our students to use our support staff to bid in their place so that we can bid on properties going to auction from anywhere in the world- wherever we may be! This means $0 travelling costs and access to multiple auction lists (we will have support staff ready to bid on property for our members in Houston starting in January and then San Antonio, Austin and Dalls will follow shortly after).

In a nutshell here is how the bid by proxy service will work:

1st, you must be a member and student of ours to take advantage of the bid by proxy service. It is essential you get the training so you can proficiently review the property lists, sort the good properties from the bad and also do due diligence

2nd, after you have taken our training and wish to use the proxy service you will review the properties going to the auction in any given month (as we have trained you to do). You will identify the properties that you are interested in and relay that information to our team. A real estate appraiser and a contractor from our team will then visit all of the properties you have selected to give you the estimated market value of the property, its condition and any other relevant info (they are your eyes and ears!).

3rd, the student sets his maximum bid that he is willing to pay for the property and our support team will attend the auction and bid on the properties according to your instructions.

Best of all……. This service is FREE to our members and they only pay for the service when they successfully purchase a property! How sweet is that!?!?

This is really a groundbreaking strategy for purchasing Texas Tax Deeds and we are very excited to offer it to our students (Yes, I am going to use it too! Now I dont have to change my travel plans to be in Texas on auction day!)

Now, I need to get back to work; im negotiating a 20 unit all cash condo purchase (Never would have been possible if it weren’t for Tax Liens and Deeds).

One more thing, If you are interested in learning how to invest in Texas Tax Deeds our next 3 day tour is February 5th, 6th and 7th in Houston, Texas.

We will spend the first day in the classroom together going over the property lists and the due diligence steps that must be performed before we will purchase any property

On the second day we will drive around in a van and physically view 20-35 properties that are going to auction.

On the final day of the tour we will attend a live Tax Deed auction together where you can bid on the properties we viewed the day before.

And after the training, as a member you will be able to use our bid by proxy service!

As I am very busy with my own real estate investing I am planning on doing very few tours in 2012 so if you are interested in joining us now is the time.

The tour has limited space (I only train 8 people at a time) and is already 70% sold out.

For more information visit our website:

The cost of the tour is $4997. If you are interested and would like to reserve one of the few remaining spots simply email us at stating your interest in taking the tour and we will send you out more information, the trip itinerary and answer any questions you may have.

When you sign up you will also get the Texas Tax Deed Mastery homestudy course which will prepare you for the tour!

Happy Investing!

Stephen Preston
Tax Lien Training Inc.

“Using the system Stephen taught me I was able to go from 0-20 properties in under a year”
– Galiya M. Toronto